Top Escort SEO Tips to Boost your Escort Website Traffic

Escort websites are much different than that of what we usually browse. Although according to various sources at 90% of the internet is full of adult content. As it goes SEO is an important part of online content, SEO plays the same the role in adult content.

However, it is fair to point out that SEO for adult/escort content is quite different from the normal ones. There are different aspects of SEO for adult websites, here are some tips to help you take up everything:

  1. Mobile Adult SEO: According to the data collected in 2017, 1 out of 5 mobile phones accesses adult content. And there are many searches for other types of adult content. Since the data speaks for itself, there is a need to optimize your Escort website. Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than the other websites, make sure you do the same for yours.
  2. Know your audience: Knowing your audience means that know what your audience is searching for. Consider the type of content in demand and figure out a way to make that happen. Research well on what your customers and clients are looking for. Understand if the clientele demands pay-per-view, free material or for downloadable materials.
  3. Strategic placement of keywords: Understand that keywords are the life and blood of your content. Research your topics and make sure that you come up with a list for keywords that you need to add to your content. With keywords for your adult website here is what you need to take care of:
    • Do not overstuff your keywords in a single line.
    • Make use of keywords in the correct grammatical sense. Google’s bots rank the websites with keywords used incorrect grammatical sense higher than the other websites which do not do the same.
    • Have a proper plan for use. Remember that you need a strategy to work with.
    • Do not simply add keywords for the sake of adding them.
  4. Long Tail keywords: If you have ever optimized a escort website, you probably know the importance of long tail keywords. Furthermore, if you have not done anything similar, then there is a clear explanation. These keywords help you target your audience better. Apart from this, it is quite easy to find long-tail keywords.
    You may not know how to come up with adult content keywords, especially the long-tail keywords. However, the best way to go about it is that you can work with the keywords used by your competition or websites that have similar content to generate more traffic for your escort  website.
  5. Impeccable Onsite SEO: Optimization of your escort website is one of the key elements in generating better traffic for your website. All you need to take care of are:
    • Make sure that your content flows. Remember to place your work as per the general trends and as per what your audience likes.
    • Other than this, you should remember to create a plan for your website and its content.
    • Furthermore, make sure that you have unique content. You are more likely generate more traffic if you make use of unique content.
    • Apart from this, no plagiarism. Plagiarism is a big no. Google will drop your website’s rank if the plagiarized content is found.
  6. Continuous content: A couple of posts in two weeks helps you keep your viewers and clients active and coming back for more. Do not slack off on continuous content creation, as it will only lead you to lose your clients.
  7. Backlinks: To help you improve your website’s ranking on Google, you need to build backlinks. Backlinks for any kind of website helps you find a better ranking on Google. Try creating ads or offer guestblogs for free!
  8. Optimize your images and content: Remember to optimize your escort website’s images as well as the content that you post. This will help you get in the good books of Google and will help you keep your clients as well as give you a better ranking on Google. You can also make use of trending items or maybe go through what other websites show, such as Wave 69 is trending.
  9. Relevant off-page work: Another excellent technique to increase the traffic on your escort website is to list yourself on such websites that enjoy high traffic. This will help you attract more traffic towards your website. Sites such Suave Escort Directory, VOX London, Eurogirls, Openadultdirectory, erotic guide, Punterlink UK, world escort index, J-escorts etc can be used for this technique.
With the above-mentioned points in mind, remember to make sure that you are discreet with your work so that Google does not raise red flags. Apart from thisgo through pages for practice for adult website design.